The Mauro Staccioli Archive Association was established in 2012 with the intention of protecting and increasing the standing of the artist’s work.
To this end, the Archive is the only entity authorized by the artist to lend its support to those wishing to organize either public or private, one-man or group exhibitions, perform research or publish material. 
The Archive is the only entity entitled to deal with archiving the works and historical material: the artist’s written documents, letters, catalogues and books, press reviews, photographic material and videos.

For archiving and/or authenticating a work, it is necessary to send an e-mail to  info@maurostaccioli.org, attaching good-quality digital photographs depicting the front, back, signature details, wording or labels on the work, together with all the relative information in your possession. This should include origin, if it is published in books or catalogues and participation in exhibitions and, if present, a copy of the front and back of the authentication issued by the artist.
The Archive will respond with a request to send the following documentation to the operating base of the Associazione Archivio Mauro Staccioli, via di Mezzo, 42/b – 50121 Firenze, by registered post with advice of delivery:


1. the original authentication issued by the artist so it can be stamped and given a number. A digital copy of the same will be stored in the archive and the original will be returned to you by registered post with advice of delivery as soon as possible.

2. CD-ROM/USB stick with professional, high-resolution colour images (300 dpi, long side 30 cm) with the shots described below:

- sculptures: 
colour photograph of the work seen from the front;
three-quarter view, colour photograph of the work;
colour photograph of the signature and numbering, if present.

- paintings / drawings: 
photograph of the front and back of the work.

3. technical details sheet, filled in and signed  (Download attachment A by clicking here

4. should the owner wish his/her name to appear in any publications, also fill in the personal data processing consent form (Download attachment B by clicking here )

5. release from the photographer and/or photographic studio which took the photographs of the works containing authorization for their use and publication in any publications that may be dedicated to the artist (Download attachment C by clicking here)


in addition to the documentation requested in points 2, 3, 4 and 5, two (2) professional black&white 18x24cm photos of the work seen from the front for sculptures and of the front for paintings and drawings, one of which will be returned with the declaration of authentication issued by the Archive.In both cases, in addition to the materials listed above, please attach the receipt for a bank transfer of:

€ 100,00 (IVA 22% included) for works on paper up to size 70x50 cm
€ 200.00 (VAT 22% included) for works on paper to larger size and multiples of sculptures
€ 350.00 (VAT 22% included) for sculptures and paintings

registered office: Località Mazzolla – Casalino di Sotto, 3 - 56048 Volterra – PI
P.IVA: 02247380500 C.F.: 90052420503

IBAN: IT58H0503401636000000008192 / Codice BIC SWIFT

Please also provide:  name, address and tax ID/VAT code for the invoice.

Should even one of the above pieces of information not be included, the Archive will not go ahead with the archiving.

Should any verifications be required, the Archive reserves the possibility of requesting a direct viewing of the work at its offices. If the work cannot be transported, a survey will be needed by one or more of the Archive members (cost to be calculated).

The Archive does not provide monetary evaluations of the works..

For further clarifications and information, please contact info@maurostaccioli.org